Watch Out for Shady Bait-And-Switch Sales Tactics

Unfortunately, several car dealerships in the area have increasingly been employing bait-and-switch sales tactics to rip off unsuspecting buyers. Packey Webb Ford fights against these tactics with transparent and fair pricing.

Here’s what some bait-and-switch tactics look like:

  • Low prices for one VIN: If there is a low price that is too good to be true, it probably is. Many dealers offer unrealistic low quotes for a specific vehicle — but it is for that very specific vehicle (meaning that one VIN). Once that single vehicle is sold, the dealership does not offer that low price, but it already motivates buyers to walk into the store.
  • Discounts galore: Some low prices advertised are the result of the dealer applying every discount and rebate possible to the price. But no one realistically qualifies for all those discounts. But people see the low price, go into the dealership, and don’t find out until hours into the process, in the finance chair.
  • Buried prices: Some dealers bury prices, like freight charges, or dealer-installed options, like floor mats. They lure you with the lower advertised price, then tack on thousands of extra dollars.

You won't find bait-and-switch sales tactics at Packey Webb FordPackey Webb Ford encourages you to leave those dealerships if you suspect bait-and-switch sales tactics. We will honor the final quote you get from them and try to get it even lower. That way, you still get your new vehicle as affordably as possible but don’t reward slimy sales tactics.