The Upgraded Ford SYNC AppLink System: Introducing Drive Mode

Fusion DashboardWith all the recent innovations in vehicle connectivity and infotainment systems, it’s surprising to see that few automakers have developed drive modes – until now. Working with Life360, Ford has modified the Ford SYNC AppLink system with a Drive Mode to improve over all driver awareness and safety.

The new system features Life360, which is a very popular smartphone app used to keep families in touch (we’re talking 48 million families, so far). According to Ford, the new system will connect to your car via an app, which prompts Drive Mode. This tells people when the driver is busy on the road, and when they reach a destination. No more calling mom to say you got home safe.

“Responsible driving habits are top priorities at Ford Motor Company, and we are pleased to be working with Life360 to help reduce driver distractions,” said Julius Marchwicki, Ford Connected Services Product manager. “With the integration of Life360 Drive Mode, we are helping to keep drivers’ attention on the road by letting their loved ones know that they are behind the wheel.”

Ford demonstrated the App at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to much success. SYNC is already available on 10 million cars worldwide, so hooking up the app is as easy as ever. Though a seemingly small upgrade, the new app could just save lives.