Tips to Improve Fuel Economy (And Prevent Road Rage)

Fusion BadgeFeel helpless when you watch gas prices rise? Empower yourself and change the way you drive! It can really help offset those unwanted gasoline fluctuations. The following are a few tips to improve fuel economy.

GREEN LIGHTS. As we are informed by, “Gas is consumed more quickly during hard acceleration.” So want to save gas? Avoid extreme acceleration. It doesn’t translate into a shorter commute and even if it does, are those extra few minutes worth the extra dough?

RED LIGHTS. Another opportunity to improve your fuel economy can come at a red light, or rather, before you get to a red light. If you see one up ahead, lay off the gas pedal. If you drive a manual, shift to neutral and coast to the light. Time it right and you won’t have to accelerate from a complete stop, saving even more fuel.

CHILL OUT. According to Edmunds, “Traffic studies have shown that changing lanes doesn’t result in a significantly reduced travel time.” When you go to pass someone, you’ll inevitably accelerate. Do this enough and you can affect your fuel economy.

The same practices that save fuel can also make your commute a lot more relaxing. Save money and prevent road rage with these helpful tips!