The Ford STEAM Lab Competition: Students Showcase Their Software Skills

Hosting one of the first ever “Hackathons,” Ford recently brought together 100 middle school students to promote STEM education. This competition stressed the importance of high-tech skills, encouraging kids to get more involved with software development.

FordAccording to Ford, the Ford STEAM Lab Competition awarded a scholarship each to the two best students. A $15,000 award and $12,500 award were given to two Michigan middle school students that showed the most promise. In order to organize the competition, Ford worked closely with the UAW to extend student participation opportunities.

“This event was designed to give students a voice in their education while learning software coding skills needed to be technology entrepreneurs,” said Shawn Wilson, manager of Multicultural Community Engagement at Ford. “What students taught us is just as valuable — utilize existing technology, develop flexible schedules so they can continue learning on their own time, and improve ways to communicate outside the classroom.”

This event is designed to encourage kids to get excited about STEM education, especially in fields related to the automotive industry. By doing so, Ford is looking to give students the best opportunities possible while at the same time strengthening the future of the auto industry.