Best Back-to-School Ford Vehicles

back-to-school Ford vehicles

School Is Back In Full Swing

If your kids haven’t gone back to school yet, they are probably starting very soon. This time of year is a flurry of activity as everyone gets back into the school year routine. If your routine needs a new vehicle, consider these great back-to-school Ford vehicles.


With the Ford Edge, you can truly enjoy driving your kids to and from all of their activities every day. It offers buyers a range of engines to choose from, so you can decide if fuel efficiency or performance is more important to you. The Edge comfortably seats five and has plenty of cargo space for all of the kids’ backpacks, sports gear, and other equipment.


For something more adventure-worthy, there’s the Ford Explorer. With three rows of seating, a family of seven can easily and comfortably fit inside the cabin. The Explorer comes equipped with plenty of modern features, including Bluetooth, voice-activated controls, and a rearview camera.


If you are looking for lots of and room and strong capabilities, the Ford Expedition will not let you down. The Expedition can seat up to seven passengers and has a towing capacity up to 9,200 pounds when properly equipped. Everyone in the family will love its smooth, quiet ride.

Stop by Packey Webb Ford in Downers Grove, IL and we will help you find the perfect fit for you and your family.

Back to School Driving Tips for Parents and Students

Now that school’s back in session, it’s important for everyone to brush up on their school driving knowledge to ensure a safe and stress-free school year. We’ve put together these back to school driving tips for parents and students.

Back to School Driving - Packey Webb FordBoth parents and students need to be aware of the rules for driving behind buses and how to safely share the road with bicyclists. When driving behind a school bus, don’t try to pass when it stops; always heed their stop signs. Leave plenty of room behind the bus so that children can safely walk behind it, and remain stopped until the bus puts down its stop sign.

There will also be lots of children on bicycles. You have to be wary of bicycles because many people, especially children, either don’t know or just don’t follow traffic rules when riding a bike. They may not signal a turn or be riding on the correct side of the street, so you need to be watchful, keep your distance from them, and give them the right of way. If you need to pass a bike, give them a wide berth when you pass to avoid jostling them.

Parents, you need to be aware of drop-off rules and locations and follow them. Don’t drop your kids off across the street, and don’t double park. Try carpooling to reduce the number of cars in line and thus your wait time in the mornings if you’re in a hurry.

Students, leave at least ten minutes early in case you encounter traffic, and eat before you leave. You want to avoid driver distractions like texting and eating, and being afraid of being late can make you drive recklessly.

Drive safe, and have a great school year!