Reasons to Go to a Dealership for Service

Every driver should make regular maintenance a priority, and there are lots of reasons to go to a dealership for service instead of going to a corner garage.

Reasons to go to a dealership for service - Packey Webb FordFor one, corner garages don’t have the same resources as dealerships do. The dealership has access to more advanced and expensive repair and diagnostic tools, as well as onsite factory original parts for replacement. Independent shops tend to use generic parts, and they often don’t have them on hand, so you have to wait for them to be ordered.

Also, nothing beats the expertise of trained dealership technicians. While corner garage mechanics have general knowledge, a dealership technician is trained to know all about your vehicle and how to repair it, as well as recognize the beginnings of mechanical issues. You’ll have better luck with preventative maintenance through a dealership than a shop mechanic.

Dealership technicians are also more likely to know about recalls and take care of them for free when you go in for service, which is a big advantage and might mean saving you from dangerous mechanical failure. Dealerships have tons of advantages over independent shops and ultimately save you money and time!