Produce Fewer Emissions This Clean Air Month with These Tips

Packey Webb FordNow that Clean Air Month is upon us, it’s time to think about what you could be doing differently to promote a cleaner and healthier atmosphere. Of course, we all know that less driving equals fewer emissions, but that’s just not possible for everyone.

Here are some tips to produce fewer emissions while driving:

  • Be sure that your car is well maintained, taking it in frequently for check-ups. A car that runs smoothly will be more fuel-efficient.
  • Try not to idle very often, if you can. If your vehicle isn’t even moving, it seems a shame to be producing those emissions.
  • If you can, try to share a ride with someone else or use public transportation once in a while, giving your vehicle a break.
  • Drive more slowly – when appropriate, of course. Studies show that slowing down causes a much smaller carbon footprint.

Do you have any other tips to produce fewer emissions on the road? Let us know how you celebrate Clean Air Month in the comments.