Preventing Spin-Out Crashes

No matter how many years you’ve been a driver, it’s always beneficial to read up on ways to improve your habits, especially for emergency situations. Take, for instance, a potential spin-out crash, which could occur if you’ve jerked the wheel to avoid a collision. Prepared with the tips below, you might be able to avoid or mitigate these crashes, saving yourself and others from harm.

Stay Calm

It’s difficult to do, but staying calm is one of the most important things to do when you’ve lost control of your vehicle. Overcorrecting is a common mistake that can lead to spinning out. Try to think fast but react with calm, subtle movements that will return your vehicle to its proper place.

Take a Class

If you really want to be confident in your ability to handle a potential spin-out, it might be worthwhile to take a skid control class, which will help you get a feel for spin-out conditions while in the safety of a controlled environment.

Let Off the Gas

Whenever your car is out of control, you should immediately take your foot off the gas.

Fix Your Eyes on the Target

If you’re trying to regain control over your vehicle, it can help to set your sight on the target, like the road or a clear path, rather than look at the other vehicle or obstacle you hope to avoid. 

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