Ford’s New Dash System: Sync 3 is a Smartphone’s Best Friend

With Ford’s new technology, your phone and car have never been so close—but allow us to explain.

Ford has developed a slick new operating system and hardware package for its fleet of cars and trucks that is stacked with stand-alone features and smartphone compatibility and will be available to SYNC 3consumers this year. The 2015 fleet will receive Ford Sync® Applink™ 3.0, which turns the dashboard of every Ford into an interface for your smartphone. Many Fords will house a touchscreen you can manipulate to pinch, squeeze, and scroll your applications for the data you need.

Speaking of apps, now you have access to your favorite maps app that is projected directly to your console, making your Ford a part of your phone. Many other apps work with Sync 3 including music streaming and the intuitive voice commands for cycling through your music genres whenever you need your power-song.

Not to mention that Ford Sync is simply the platform for upgrades and customization in the open-source SmartDeviceLink. Developers have access to the operating system and can now produce a growing number of shortcuts, apps, and other hacks to make your next Ford your own. Already, 2015 Fords will be able to sync and update wirelessly every time you park in range of your wireless router!

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