Ford Truck History: A Legacy of Hard-Working Pickups

Ford Work TruckWith Labor Day just behind us, Ford recently highlighted some of the best achievements of American workers, as well as the trucks that are always there to help get the job done. Ford truck history takes us back to look at some of the most challenging projects in US history.

Statistically, if you’re a tradesman with a pickup you use a Ford truck. Ford says that 80% of waste management, 78% of government workers, 53% of highway construction workers, 72% of electric services workers, 61% of water and pipeline workers, and 56% of oil workers use Ford Super Duty or F-150 pickups to get the job done.

“We’ve had good luck in regards to the reliability of Ford trucks and we have a lot of history with Ford. We also like that we can be consistent from F-150 up to F-750 throughout our fleet,” said Lynn Vanlandingham, VP of Equipment Operations at Mario Sinacola and Sons.

In the past, Ford has been one of the major partners on projects such as:

  • Building the Hoover Dam (1931)
  • At the Artic (Alaska Road Commission)
  • Fort Peck Dam (1933)
  • LA Power Grid (1930s)

These are just a few of many projects that helped shape America, on the frontier and near home.