Ford Snowplow Option Makes New F-150 Even More Interesting

2015 F-150The 2015 Ford F-150 is putting its lightweighted frame to use in some unusual ways. The Blue Oval recently announced a Ford snowplow option available on the F-150. The option is simply a $50 upgrade, not including the snowplow itself, of course. Ford does have the widest variety of snowplow weights available in its segment, though.

Since the F-150 is now 700 pounds lighter thanks to its aluminum frame, it’s now even better equipped than before to handle tasks like plowing large quantities of snow out of your way—whether you’re clearing your whole town or just your own driveway. You can get the snowplow option on any of the F-150 configurations—Regular, SuperCab, and SuperCrew.

Ford now boasts the only light-duty truck with a snowplow option—and that’s on top of all the F-150’s other class-leading numbers, from fuel economy to tow rating and more. If you’ve been having trouble keeping your driveway clear during this winter’s relentless march, come see us at Packey Webb Ford today to get your own F-150 with snowplow option!