Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge Seeks to Find Solutions to Transportation Issues

Ford“Gamification has proven to be an effective way to solve real-life problems in many areas.” That’s according to a recent press release from Ford.

What is gamification? It’s when you take something complex and difficult to do and make a game out of it. In this case, the ‘real-life problems’ that Ford are referring to have to do with all the modes of transportation you might find in a city and how they might integrate into a harmonious system.

Ford has asked developers to virtually solve these problems by making them into a fun online game. The competition is called the Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge. Ford announced the challenge at Gamescom 2015—a gamers conference that recently occurred in Cologne, Germany.

Developers could use features like rewarding users for saving money, reducing emissions, or just making a successful trip. A panel of experts, including professors and a creative director at a big-time studio, will choose five finalists. The winner will get 10,000 Euros.

“The Smart Mobility Game Challenge is designed to harness the creativity of the gaming community and empower gamers to take a fresh approach to tackling today’s global mobility issues,” said Ken Washington, vice president, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering.