Ford Sets Another Precedent, GT350R Carbon Fiber Wheels to Be First Mass-Produced Model

GT350More and more details have slowly been leaking about Ford’s upcoming Shelby Mustang GT350R, as the model is teased on showroom floors all over the globe. Recently, Ford announced another first for the new GT350R: It will have carbon fiber wheels.

This makes the GT350R the first mass-produced car model of all time to rock carbon fiber wheels, an impressive move on the part of Ford that is sure to be emulated by other automakers in the future.

By switching to these carbon fiber wheels, the GT350R will halve its wheel-weight, meaning the car will be able to run even faster and will likely receive a better fuel efficiency rating.

Overall, the upcoming GT350R is the most “track-ready” model yet, with incredible power designed for the tightest turns and wildest conditions. Ford just seems to keep raising the stakes.

What do you think of the GT350R carbon fiber wheels? Looking forward to the new Shelby Mustang? Let us know in the comments.