Ford Job Training Center in South Africa to Start Production Soon

Ford - Ford Job TrainingA Ford job training center in South Africa is in the works, Ford announced last week, to be modeled after the company’s original Resource and Engagement Center in Detroit. This will be Ford’s first move to bring the resource center concept outside the US.

The goal of the resource center is to strengthen nonprofit community service organizations and encourage them to work collaboratively. Through these services Ford hopes to improve the communities in which its employees and their families as well as Ford customers live and work. Ford is joined by the South African nonprofit organization Future Families, which offers services to HIV and AIDS sufferers.

The resource center is due to open in October of this year and will be located near the Ford Silverton Assembly Plant, near the city of Johannesburg. Ford will invest $130,000 a year in the facility in order to provide resources and job training to around 200 people each year. The center will offer literacy courses, career guidance, and business classes, as well as teaching trade skills.