Ford-Google Partnership Builds Self-Driving Cars

FordThe next generation of the automobile is right around the corner! Many automakers are partnering with one another as well as technology companies in an effort to take the lead. The most recent partnership comes from Ford and Google. The Ford-Google partnership is aiming to build self-driving cars, a feat many automakers are working to accomplish within the next five years.

It’s not secret Google has been working on developing self-driving cars. The tech giant currently has 53 test vehicles on public roadways in both California and Texas. In total, a whopping 1.3 million miles have been logged via autonomous driving.

Ford has been working with its own technology for years. The automaker only recently revealed plans for public road testing.

By partnering with Google, Ford gains the leaps and bounds in autonomous software the tech giant has developed over the years. Google, in turn, gains the automotive manufacturing side of the show, eliminating the years of development its own manufacturing system would require.

The partnership is non-exclusive, meaning other automakers can partner with Google as well. The fact that Ford is the first automaker to make a pact is a bright sign toward the future.

We here at Packey Webb Ford can’t wait to see what comes of the Ford-Google partnership!