Dwayne Johnson and Ford Team Up for New Ad Campaign

Ford SpecialistsFord recently announced a new advertising campaign that will focus on encouraging car owners to service their vehicles at the dealership, and the figurehead of this new campaign will be none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Dwayne Johnson and Ford are teaming up for “The Specialists at Ford.”

“The Specialists at Ford” ads will star a team of Ford technicians playing up the training, tools, and manufacturer parts that go into servicing your Ford at the dealership. The team’s leading role will be played by Johnson himself. The advertising campaign will span television and radio commercials, social media, and digital ads.

Johnson has been a longtime Ford enthusiast, having owned three Ford vehicles in the past. He is also no stranger to the automotive industry, with three Fast and the Furious films under his belt and another on the way. He has also produced a documentary called Racing Dreams.

Dwayne Johnson and Ford will start rolling out “The Specialists at Ford” on your radio, television screens, and computers starting October 12th.