Driving While Using a Cell Phone As Bad As Driving Drunk

Driving and Cell PhonesWe know that driving while using a cell phone sounds like a bad idea. But do we know for sure that it is scientifically proven to be dangerous? The answer is: yes, absolutely.

Look at a study done recently by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. The researchers used video cameras and GPS as well as devices to track speed and lane departure.

According to CBS News, researchers found that for young drivers “the risk of a crash or near-miss” was seven times what it would normally be if they were dialing or reaching for a phone. The risk went up four times if the novice drivers were sending or receiving a text.

The risks were likely even greater than the experiments found because researchers could only measure eye movement and not “cognitive distraction.” Even though someone’s eyes were on the road, it doesn’t mean they were registering what they saw.

If you want a good measure for how dangerous it is to text and drive, MythBusters once proved what psychologists from the University of Utah had found. Driving while on the phone is as bad as driving while tipsy. But the sad truth is that most people don’t take it as seriously as they should.