Choosing the Right Battery for Your Ford

Ford Car Battery

Winter is officially here, which means we’re ready for some cold conditions here in Illinois. Especially frigid conditions are notorious for killing car batteries, so if you know that your Ford’s is getting on in years it might be a good time to replace it before your car won’t start. To make sure you choose the right battery, consider these factors and consult your Ford owner’s manual.

  • Group Size: Instead of having you take out a tape measure to determine the size of your specific unit, batteries are sorted into size groups. Your Ford can probably accommodate several different sizes of battery, so take a look at your owner’s manual to know what you need to shop for.
  • Reserve Capacity: If you use equipment connected to your car with the engine off, the RC number will be important for your Ford. The number indicates how long (in minutes) a certain battery can operate before it dies. Generally, the higher RC number a new battery has, the better.
  • Cold Cranking Amps: The CCA of a battery is a way to measure its performance and refers to how it supplies the power required for 30 seconds at zero degrees Fahrenheit. While higher numbers mean better performance, your new battery’s CCA needs to match either the original battery or the number in the owner’s manual. Talk to a Ford service expert if you’re considering a different CCA to see how it will affect your vehicle.

If you’re ready for a new battery, the team at Packey Webb Ford can help you find the perfect match. Contact our service department today for more information.