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Road Trip Games: Staying Entertained on the Highway

Thinking about taking a family road trip this summer? There are some important things to remember, including the best road trip games. Kids can get especially bored on the highway, so it’s a good idea to come prepared. At Packey Webb Ford, we’ve listed some of our favorite games. While some are classics, others are some you may have never heard of before.

According to Parents magazine, one great one is the Alphabet Game. One person looks out the window on the right, while the other looks out the left. The goal is to spot the letters of the alphabet in order only by using signs, license plates, or objects out the window. The first person to go from A to Z is the winner.

Next, try the Theme Song Game. In this game, one person hums the theme song to a famous TV show and everyone takes turns guessing what it is. The first person to guess the correct answer wins, and they get to hum next. You can keep track of scores or simply see how many the group can get.

Finally, play the Restaurant Race. Each person chooses their favorite fast-food chain like Burger King, Taco Bell, or McDonalds. Players get points every time they see one, see a sign for one (like on a Fuel/Food sign on the highway), or when they hear it on the radio.

For each of these games, consider having small prizes. For example, the winner might get to choose the radio station. You can also bring snacks and other prizes. If all else fails, the Quiet Game has been a favorite among parents travelling everywhere.

Tips to Improve Fuel Economy (And Prevent Road Rage)

Fusion BadgeFeel helpless when you watch gas prices rise? Empower yourself and change the way you drive! It can really help offset those unwanted gasoline fluctuations. The following are a few tips to improve fuel economy.

GREEN LIGHTS. As we are informed by, “Gas is consumed more quickly during hard acceleration.” So want to save gas? Avoid extreme acceleration. It doesn’t translate into a shorter commute and even if it does, are those extra few minutes worth the extra dough?

RED LIGHTS. Another opportunity to improve your fuel economy can come at a red light, or rather, before you get to a red light. If you see one up ahead, lay off the gas pedal. If you drive a manual, shift to neutral and coast to the light. Time it right and you won’t have to accelerate from a complete stop, saving even more fuel.

CHILL OUT. According to Edmunds, “Traffic studies have shown that changing lanes doesn’t result in a significantly reduced travel time.” When you go to pass someone, you’ll inevitably accelerate. Do this enough and you can affect your fuel economy.

The same practices that save fuel can also make your commute a lot more relaxing. Save money and prevent road rage with these helpful tips!


Produce Fewer Emissions This Clean Air Month with These Tips

Packey Webb FordNow that Clean Air Month is upon us, it’s time to think about what you could be doing differently to promote a cleaner and healthier atmosphere. Of course, we all know that less driving equals fewer emissions, but that’s just not possible for everyone.

Here are some tips to produce fewer emissions while driving:

  • Be sure that your car is well maintained, taking it in frequently for check-ups. A car that runs smoothly will be more fuel-efficient.
  • Try not to idle very often, if you can. If your vehicle isn’t even moving, it seems a shame to be producing those emissions.
  • If you can, try to share a ride with someone else or use public transportation once in a while, giving your vehicle a break.
  • Drive more slowly – when appropriate, of course. Studies show that slowing down causes a much smaller carbon footprint.

Do you have any other tips to produce fewer emissions on the road? Let us know how you celebrate Clean Air Month in the comments.