The Ford Disaster Relief Mobility Challenge Supports Nonprofits

National Disaster ReliefThe Ford Disaster Relief Mobility Challenge was recently announced by the Ford Fund. In short, certified nonprofit organizations in the U.S. can submit entries for creative solutions to disaster relief as part of the challenge. Part of the difficulty of this task is proposing how an organization would use a Ford Transit to fit a need within a community. This is just one more way the Ford brand is giving back.

What do you win? According to Ford, the prize for the competition is a $70,000 grant that can go towards the purchase of a Ford Transit cargo or passenger van, as well as any extra costs for equipping the vehicle. There are three separate grants for the competition, and winners will be notified during National Disaster Preparedness Month in September.

“When natural disaster strikes, it is critical to move the right people, the right materials, and the right vehicles to impacted areas to help people as quickly as possible,” said Jim Vella, president of the Ford Motor Company Fund. “Nowhere is our mission to strengthen communities more urgent than in recovery efforts during the hours, days and weeks following a natural disaster.”

Ford has a long history of working with partners to prevent and respond to disasters. So far, Ford has donated more than 40 vehicles for disaster response purposes, as well as almost $5 million to assist in recovery efforts.

To learn more about how Ford gives back, visit Packey Webb Ford.

Best Back-to-School Ford Vehicles

back-to-school Ford vehicles

School Is Back In Full Swing

If your kids haven’t gone back to school yet, they are probably starting very soon. This time of year is a flurry of activity as everyone gets back into the school year routine. If your routine needs a new vehicle, consider these great back-to-school Ford vehicles.


With the Ford Edge, you can truly enjoy driving your kids to and from all of their activities every day. It offers buyers a range of engines to choose from, so you can decide if fuel efficiency or performance is more important to you. The Edge comfortably seats five and has plenty of cargo space for all of the kids’ backpacks, sports gear, and other equipment.


For something more adventure-worthy, there’s the Ford Explorer. With three rows of seating, a family of seven can easily and comfortably fit inside the cabin. The Explorer comes equipped with plenty of modern features, including Bluetooth, voice-activated controls, and a rearview camera.


If you are looking for lots of and room and strong capabilities, the Ford Expedition will not let you down. The Expedition can seat up to seven passengers and has a towing capacity up to 9,200 pounds when properly equipped. Everyone in the family will love its smooth, quiet ride.

Stop by Packey Webb Ford in Downers Grove, IL and we will help you find the perfect fit for you and your family.

Next-Generation Ford Fusion

Next-Generation Ford Fusion Carries Autonomous Technology

The next-generation Ford Fusion could arrive sooner than expected. Even better, it could bring Ford’s new autonomous technology to the road as well. Ford revealed the second-generation Fusion Hybrid with autonomous technology built in towards the end of the December. The sleek style brings a streamlined appearance that looks oddly normal for such futuristic technology.

2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The unveiling of the next-generation Fusion Hybrid comes with the announcement that the automaker plans to increases its fleet of autonomous vehicles from 30 to 90 cars in 2017. Ford is currently testing the autonomous technology in several states and has plans to expand into the United Kingdom and Germany.

Ford announced that it plans to keep its original goal of launching autonomous cars for ride-sharing services by 2021. The latest technology allows the car to take in data spanning two football fields in each direction.

The Detroit-based automaker has made several major investments, including a $75 million investment in Velodyne, a company that makes LIDAR sensors.

The car’s autonomous technology will take in one terabyte of data for every hour it’s on the road. That data is analyzed by the system located in the trunk.

We here at Packey Webb Ford can’t wait to see what the future holds for Ford’s autonomous technology!

3 Reasons to Drive a Ford

Reasons to Drive a Ford There are plenty of automakers to choose from when you’re in the market for a new vehicle, but Ford can outdo the competition. The wide lineup offers drivers from all walks of life exactly what they need on a daily basis. Here are a few reasons to drive a Ford according to us at Packey Webb Ford.

  • Selection – Ford’s lineup features a long list of available vehicles to choose from. Drivers interested in something small and efficient can find their ride in the Ford Fiesta. Those with a need for speed can get behind the wheel of the legendary Mustang. The Ford F-150 offers all the strength a driver could want at a great value. The Explorer ensures family trips are both comfortable and thrilling. With such a wide selection of vehicles, it hard to pick just one!
  • Style – Every Ford model boasts a unique yet recognizable style. The Ford Mustang, for example, boasts an aggressive stance with a sweeping hood that hints at what lies beneath. The Fusion is both bold and athletic with a stance that asserts itself on the road.
  • Capability – Each and every Ford vehicle offers some form of capability. The F-150 can tow and haul immense loads. The Fiesta has plenty of interior cargo space. The Fusion offers plenty of space for passengers. The Ford Escape offers high fuel economy, a tall ride height, and a versatile interior to fit any drivers’

Ford Job Training Center in South Africa to Start Production Soon

Ford - Ford Job TrainingA Ford job training center in South Africa is in the works, Ford announced last week, to be modeled after the company’s original Resource and Engagement Center in Detroit. This will be Ford’s first move to bring the resource center concept outside the US.

The goal of the resource center is to strengthen nonprofit community service organizations and encourage them to work collaboratively. Through these services Ford hopes to improve the communities in which its employees and their families as well as Ford customers live and work. Ford is joined by the South African nonprofit organization Future Families, which offers services to HIV and AIDS sufferers.

The resource center is due to open in October of this year and will be located near the Ford Silverton Assembly Plant, near the city of Johannesburg. Ford will invest $130,000 a year in the facility in order to provide resources and job training to around 200 people each year. The center will offer literacy courses, career guidance, and business classes, as well as teaching trade skills.

$145M Upgrade for Ford Cleveland Engine Plant to Produce More EcoBoost Engines

Ford EngineFord plans to invest $145 million in upgrading its Ford Cleveland Engine Plant in Cleveland, Ohio, in order to produce a larger number of the popular 3.5-liter EcoBoost engines and make the engine available for more vehicles in the Ford lineup.

Since its introduction in 2009, the EcoBoost engine has become extremely popular among customers due to its excellent performance and positive effect on fuel economy. Ford has produced over a million EcoBoost engines at the Cleveland Engine Plant, where the company employs 1,500 workers.

Starting this summer, Ford will begin producing a second-generation EcoBoost engine that is more advanced and high-tech than ever. This engine will be included in the special 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor. Ford EcoBoost engines use their smaller size, direct fuel injection, turbocharging, and variable valve timing to deliver the same power as larger engines with higher capacity while using significantly less fuel.

The investment in the Cleveland Plant will create 150 jobs, and Ford plans to create or retain 8,500 jobs across the country as it invests in its US plants.

Ford-Google Partnership Builds Self-Driving Cars

FordThe next generation of the automobile is right around the corner! Many automakers are partnering with one another as well as technology companies in an effort to take the lead. The most recent partnership comes from Ford and Google. The Ford-Google partnership is aiming to build self-driving cars, a feat many automakers are working to accomplish within the next five years.

It’s not secret Google has been working on developing self-driving cars. The tech giant currently has 53 test vehicles on public roadways in both California and Texas. In total, a whopping 1.3 million miles have been logged via autonomous driving.

Ford has been working with its own technology for years. The automaker only recently revealed plans for public road testing.

By partnering with Google, Ford gains the leaps and bounds in autonomous software the tech giant has developed over the years. Google, in turn, gains the automotive manufacturing side of the show, eliminating the years of development its own manufacturing system would require.

The partnership is non-exclusive, meaning other automakers can partner with Google as well. The fact that Ford is the first automaker to make a pact is a bright sign toward the future.

We here at Packey Webb Ford can’t wait to see what comes of the Ford-Google partnership!

Dwayne Johnson and Ford Team Up for New Ad Campaign

Ford SpecialistsFord recently announced a new advertising campaign that will focus on encouraging car owners to service their vehicles at the dealership, and the figurehead of this new campaign will be none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Dwayne Johnson and Ford are teaming up for “The Specialists at Ford.”

“The Specialists at Ford” ads will star a team of Ford technicians playing up the training, tools, and manufacturer parts that go into servicing your Ford at the dealership. The team’s leading role will be played by Johnson himself. The advertising campaign will span television and radio commercials, social media, and digital ads.

Johnson has been a longtime Ford enthusiast, having owned three Ford vehicles in the past. He is also no stranger to the automotive industry, with three Fast and the Furious films under his belt and another on the way. He has also produced a documentary called Racing Dreams.

Dwayne Johnson and Ford will start rolling out “The Specialists at Ford” on your radio, television screens, and computers starting October 12th.

Fans Now Able to Buy Ford 3D Models or Print Their Own

FordOne of the most exciting and promising innovations of the 21st century is the technology of 3D printing. Now Ford has become the first automaker to offer a 3D printing store, offering 3D print files of your favorite Ford models!

3D printing is something that Ford is already very familiar with. It’s an integral part of the design process, allowing the automaker to quickly make prototype parts, according to Mark Bentley, licensing manager at Ford Global Brand Licensing, in a Ford press release.

Bentley said that Ford wanted to “share that fun” with fans and enthusiasts. “3D printing at home is a growing trend, and it makes sense for us to offer our customers a chance to make their own 3D Ford models.”

So far, fans are able to download the plans for some of Ford’s most exciting models, such as the Fiesta ST, Ford GT, and the all-new Shelby GT350R.

Fans can go here to order pre-printed Ford 3D models or digital images files that allow you to print your own models at any size and out of any material you choose.

Ford Uses GT as Inspiration For Display At Milan Furniture Fair

Ford GT So far this year, Ford has made serious waves with its new supercar, the GT and revolutionized truck-making with the all-aluminum F-150). Now, the automaker has turned its sights on the furniture world.

Creating furniture for the Milan Furniture Fair was a way for Ford designers to think outside the box, and flex their designs muscles a little. You should know that this isn’t a permanent move. They’ll continue to focus on motor vehicles.

More specifically, Ford has used a particularly endearing new model for their inspiration. Moray Callum, Ford design chief, said in the USA Today, “We’re taking the concepts and philosophy behind the Ford GT’s interior design and applying it to other products.” How did Callum feel about the adventure? He said the work was “extremely creative.”

The results of that work are a variety of fascinating designs, including a suitcase, a guitar and even a hoverboard, all incorporating in some way the design language of the GT.

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