Ford Uses GT as Inspiration For Display At Milan Furniture Fair

Ford GT So far this year, Ford has made serious waves with its new supercar, the GT and revolutionized truck-making with the all-aluminum F-150). Now, the automaker has turned its sights on the furniture world.

Creating furniture for the Milan Furniture Fair was a way for Ford designers to think outside the box, and flex their designs muscles a little. You should know that this isn’t a permanent move. They’ll continue to focus on motor vehicles.

More specifically, Ford has used a particularly endearing new model for their inspiration. Moray Callum, Ford design chief, said in the USA Today, “We’re taking the concepts and philosophy behind the Ford GT’s interior design and applying it to other products.” How did Callum feel about the adventure? He said the work was “extremely creative.”

The results of that work are a variety of fascinating designs, including a suitcase, a guitar and even a hoverboard, all incorporating in some way the design language of the GT.

Ford GT Interior Design Uses Eye-Tracking and Brainwave Analysis

Ford GTArtists and designers are always going to rack their brains to find what is most pleasing to the eye. But Ford would rather take a look at your brains (don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe).

When working on the Ford GT interior design, the Detroit automaker used knowledge derived from eye-tracking and brainwave analysis.

For 18 months, Ford studied how people explore new interiors by using a white model of the interior of a Ford Focus, with all materials and colors stripped down to remove distractions. It looked at what captured their eye, held their attention the longest, or what repulsed them, while using biometrics to measure emotional responses throughout the process.

With this new insight, Ford built the GT supercar’s interior with several guiding principles in mind, including clarity of intent, innovation, and connection. For now, the Ford GT is the only car with an interior built using these tools, but we may see this newfound knowledge being applied to the rest of the vehicles in our lineup at Packey Webb Ford.