2017 Chicago Auto Show Women’s Day

Woman Making a PurchaseAnyone who assumes that auto shows are only of interest to the men in this country is greatly mistaken. In today’s market, women have just as much interest in cars as men. And, in fact, analysts have discovered that women have a say in 80% of vehicle sales, whether they’re buying a car themselves or weighing in on the decision.

It’s clear that women are taking the wheel more often these days, both literally and otherwise, so it’s wise of the Chicago Auto Show to host an annual Women’s Day. This year’s Women’s Day took place February 15th. A thoughtful itinerary was prepared specifically for the interests of women, featuring specific lineups, vendors and networking opportunities.

In many cases, female shoppers look for the practical offerings, versus speed or sporty design. Women are often looking out for their family, and value space, safety, and convenient features meant to make their life easier. However, that’s not always the case, as each year’s CAS Women’s Day proves. What women want in their vehicle is just as idiosyncratic as each individual shopper.

Still, even if the CAS Women’s Day isn’t capable of predicting exactly what each female consumer is looking for, it still provides a chance for today’s women to run the show.

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