How to Prep Your Ford for a New Year

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Each year presents a new journey in your life, so it is best to give your road companion the proper car care it demands to perform at its highest level year-round. Here are some tips to prep your Ford for a new year.


Upgrade with Accessories

You often hear, “New year, new you.” Your Ford car, truck, or SUV can feel new, too, when you upgrade and personalize your vehicle with add-ons. Ford offers all kinds of Ford accessories ― from roof racks to interior accents to technology features. Find the Ford auto parts for your car that will align with your 2019 goals.   


Make Resolutions for Your Ford

As you set objectives for 2019, you can make goals related to your Ford. Whether you are accelerating less to maximize fuel efficiency or paying closer attention to your miles for proper timely car care, there are several resolutions you can make to benefit your car, truck, or SUV.


Get Your Ford Serviced

Your Ford vehicle needs regular service in order to stay in excellent condition. Start 2019 by getting your Ford car checked by Packey Webb Ford to ensure that all parts are in good shape and that everything is running as normal. Get an oil change and a tire rotation, and vow to stick to the recommended service schedule for your Ford to keep it in fantastic form.


No scheduled appointment is necessary when you use our Express Service Lane. Visit Packey Webb Ford for your next routine service check.

Choosing the Right Battery for Your Ford

Ford Car Battery

Winter is officially here, which means we’re ready for some cold conditions here in Illinois. Especially frigid conditions are notorious for killing car batteries, so if you know that your Ford’s is getting on in years it might be a good time to replace it before your car won’t start. To make sure you choose the right battery, consider these factors and consult your Ford owner’s manual.

  • Group Size: Instead of having you take out a tape measure to determine the size of your specific unit, batteries are sorted into size groups. Your Ford can probably accommodate several different sizes of battery, so take a look at your owner’s manual to know what you need to shop for.
  • Reserve Capacity: If you use equipment connected to your car with the engine off, the RC number will be important for your Ford. The number indicates how long (in minutes) a certain battery can operate before it dies. Generally, the higher RC number a new battery has, the better.
  • Cold Cranking Amps: The CCA of a battery is a way to measure its performance and refers to how it supplies the power required for 30 seconds at zero degrees Fahrenheit. While higher numbers mean better performance, your new battery’s CCA needs to match either the original battery or the number in the owner’s manual. Talk to a Ford service expert if you’re considering a different CCA to see how it will affect your vehicle.

If you’re ready for a new battery, the team at Packey Webb Ford can help you find the perfect match. Contact our service department today for more information.


Basics of Truck Maintenance


Properly taking care of your pickup truck starts with routine maintenance. While your truck will likely need a tune up or repair over time, taking care of your truck won’t be nearly as expensive if routinely inspected and maintained. Here’s a little more about the basics of truck maintenance to get you on the right track!

Tire & Safety Maintenance

Consistent tie inspections are a big part of the formula for a safer ride. Make sure to keep an eye on tread depth and check your tire pressure weekly, especially as the weather grows colder.

Cold Weather Care & Safety

Winter brings unpredictable road conditions which means it pays to slow down around curves. It pays to have your four-wheel drive system inspected before winter arrives.

Salt buildup can eat through paint, cause corrosion, and eventually will cause your truck to rust. Make sure to remove salt accumulation from your truck by washing it frequently.

Seasonal Pickup Truck Maintenance

Faded paint is, unfortunately, part of the aging process. Fortunately, restoring your truck’s paint is a possibility and will increase the resale value of your truck!

Did you know we’re getting a full truck service station designed to handle trucks of all sizes, including semis? Make an appointment to have your truck serviced by the experts here at Packey Webb Ford!

Car in winter

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Car in winter

Preparing your car for winter isn’t something you should take lightly. It’s all about helping ensure both you and your vehicle have a safe winter season. Here are a few steps to take when it comes to preparing your car for winter.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Packing an emergency kit geared towards winter is a great way to ensure you can hold out until help arrives. Some simple items, most of which can fit in a box, including warm clothes, an ice scraper, snacks, such as nuts, a flashlight, scissors or a seatbelt cutter, and a first-aid kit. Keeping the kit in your car where it’s easily accessible will help ensure that, should you get stuck in the snow, you can either dig yourself out or wait for help to arrive.

Check Your Tread

Having a good amount of tread left on your tires is pertinent to maintaining traction on slick roads. Tires with low tread, or no tread at all, will result in less responsive handling, more sliding, and a general lack of traction. The test for making sure you have enough tread is simple: place a penny in the tread with Lincoln’s head towards the tire. If you can still see Lincoln’s head, you need to replace your tires.

Get an Oil Change

While most conventional motor oil is designed for all seasons, an oil change before winter is still a good idea. The cold weather can cause oil to thicken and that can result in a major problem if the oil hasn’t been changed in months.

Need an oil change or other pre-winter maintenance? Stop by Packey Webb Ford today.

Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

All of us here at Packey Webb Ford know that we can see some pretty hot days in the greater Chicago area. So how do you keep your car cool in this heat? We’ve got some great tips and tricks on how to keep your car cool this summer!

  1. Keep Your Car Cool This SummerPut Blankets On Your Seats – When you’re not driving placing blankets on the seats will help protect your seats from the direct sunlight. The blankets will soak up all the sunlight and heat and you’ll be left with a cool seat!
  2. Park in the Garage – If you’re able to park in a parking garage, do so! This will significantly help with the temperature of your vehicle on those hot summer days!
  3. Use a Sunshade or Window Visor – Using a sunshade or window visor helps keep the interior of the car cool. If you can’t park in the shade we recommend this method to help combat that heat!
  4. Keep Your Windows Cracked Slightly – We don’t recommend you leaving your windows all the way down, but it is a good idea to leave them slightly cracked. Check to be sure that you can’t fit your arm through the crack, we don’t want anyone braking into your vehicle! Even a small crack can help ventilation which will keep the interior of the car cooler!

These are just some of our favorite tips to help keep you cool this summer! Stop by and see us before you head out on your summer road trips and keep these great tips in mind!

New Year Resolutions for Drivers

Coming up with a New Year resolution for 2017 can be rather difficult, especially if you’ve failed in the past. Consider taking a different approach to your goals for the New Year by improving your driving. No matter how good of a driver you are, there’s room for improvement on the road! Here are a few New Year Resolutions for drivers that are recommended by all of us here at Packey Webb Ford.

Caring for your car's appearance

  • AppearanceTaking care of your vehicle is important for drivers who don’t plan on purchasing a new model every few years. While keeping up with routine maintenance is one thing, maintaining your car’s appearance is another. Dings, dents, and scratches make for an unappealing look and most are relatively cheap and quick to repair.Driver efficiency
  • Efficiency – Every driver has a lead foot as some point in their life. Hitting the gas tends to be bad for fuel efficiency, though, which is why a great goal for 2017 is to aim to increase your efficiency. Avoid smashing the pedal to the floor, slow down, and save money at the same time.check tire pressure
  • Tires – Believe it or not, your car’s tires are probably somewhat neglected. Check the tire pressure every week during 2017. Make sure there’s enough tread while you’re at it. Taking care of your tires can lead to higher fuel economy, a smoother ride, and better handling.

How to Prepare Your Car for Spring

Spring CleanSpring is almost here, and the arrival of warm weather means springtime car maintenance. Aside from reversing all the winterizing you did a few months ago, your car needs some TLC after this harsh weather. Here are some easy tips on how to prepare your car for spring.

As it’s warming up, you’ll want to check your fluids and make sure everything is at the right level. This is also a great time to get an oil change if it’s been a while. Pay attention to your battery, too. If it takes a few seconds to turn over, have it tested at a parts store.

If you put winter tires on your car, this is about the time to take them off, as soon as the weather is consistently above freezing. If you kept your all-season tires, check the tread to make sure they didn’t wear down too much during the winter.

Brakes are another good thing to check at this time. If you know how, check the thickness of the pads, or just bring it into Packey Webb Ford.

Finally: clean! Get a car wash, and then clean out all the slush and mud that’s collected in your car.

Halloween Car Tips: Protecting Your Ride

HalloweenNaturally, zombies, ghouls, and ghosts are what you think of when you hear the word “Halloween”; however, you should be on the lookout for pranksters as well. Although some might claim it’s just good run, pranks can lead to serious property damage, including your car.

According to Consumer Reports, Halloween car tips start with waxing your car a week before Halloween. Wax provides a protective layer that will protect against harmful chemicals found in eggs, pumpkins, silly string, and more.

Parking in a garage the days leading up to Halloween can also be a good idea. While some might not think that’s too brave, it might be worth it if you have to pay for a new paintjob. Saving money in the long run is easier if you protect your car.

If you do find your car victim to some pranks, make sure to clean the mess quickly. Spray-on car wax or dish-washing soap can help get tough stains out. This will prevent further damage to the clear-coat or paint.

Finally, if you’re too late, try using a cleaner-wax. These solutions are designed to be gentle on your car, but tough on residue. They will do the least amount of damage. Remember not to scrape anything off that’s been dried on; always spray it first.