Car Seat Safety Tips for Back to School

Back to school season is upon us which means after-school activities will pick up again. Make sure you car seat is installed correctly and check out these other great safety tips!

  1. Make sure your child rides in the backseat – The backseat is usually the safest place in a crash. If your car has a passenger air bag that you can’t turn off, the back seat is the best place for kids 12 and under. Car Seat Safety Tips
  2. Make sure infants ride rear facing – Have your infant ride facing the rear until they are 1 year old or at least 20 to 22 pounds. Many publications suggest keeping your child rear facing until they are 2 years old.
  3. Check the label – Make sure you read the label and the car seat is appropriate for your child’s age, weight and height. Also be on the lookout for the expiration date. These are usually around six years. If the seat is expired, put it in a dark trash bag so that it cannot be pulled from the trash and be reused.
  4. Know your car seat’s history – Just like when you go to buy a used car, you ask about its previous history. If it’s been in any crashes, had any major work done, etc. We recommend only buying a car seat from someone you know and not from a thrift store or over the internet. If the car seat has been in a car crash, has expired or is defective, it needs to be replaced.

These are just some tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re putting in your car seat. For more information on car seat safety, visit You can also use this helpful car seat checklist to make sure yours is installed properly.

Here at Packey Webb Ford safety is our top priority, especially for kids. Stop by our service department today and make sure your Ford is in tip-top shape!