Basics of Truck Maintenance


Properly taking care of your pickup truck starts with routine maintenance. While your truck will likely need a tune up or repair over time, taking care of your truck won’t be nearly as expensive if routinely inspected and maintained. Here’s a little more about the basics of truck maintenance to get you on the right track!

Tire & Safety Maintenance

Consistent tie inspections are a big part of the formula for a safer ride. Make sure to keep an eye on tread depth and check your tire pressure weekly, especially as the weather grows colder.

Cold Weather Care & Safety

Winter brings unpredictable road conditions which means it pays to slow down around curves. It pays to have your four-wheel drive system inspected before winter arrives.

Salt buildup can eat through paint, cause corrosion, and eventually will cause your truck to rust. Make sure to remove salt accumulation from your truck by washing it frequently.

Seasonal Pickup Truck Maintenance

Faded paint is, unfortunately, part of the aging process. Fortunately, restoring your truck’s paint is a possibility and will increase the resale value of your truck!

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