Aluminum 2015 F-150 Shipping To Early Customers

I2015 Ford F-150n the past few days the new 2015 F-150 has begun its road towards dealerships, with advanced buyers eager to get their hands on the keys to the new aluminum bodied model.

These vehicles were built in a factory in Dearborn, Michigan, and stored in a separate facility until now. With gas prices in the low $2 range, truck demand is at an all time high and people are being forced to wait in line for what Ford is calling one of its most important products in history.

With lower fuel costs, people are willing to sacrifice a little fuel economy, but the F-150 devised a way to make sure you don’t have to. With a new aluminum body, the vehicle weighs in at 700lbs lighter than the previous model, giving the vehicle power and higher fuel efficiency.

The F-150 has a long history with America, debuting shortly after WWII and staying as the best-selling truck in all of America since 1977. But these previous vehicles have all been steel.

It will be interesting to see how people respond to the body changes, as it is something so different and revolutionary. But we here at Packey Webb Ford know that you’ll be pleased and Ford will remain the cream of the crop when it comes to America’s favorite trucks. With the 2015 F-150 shipping now, you don’t have long to wait till you can come and test drive it for yourself.