2015 Ford F-150 Production Ramps Up at Second Plant

2015 F-150 Ford couldn’t have predicted just how popular that all-new 2015 F-150 would be. The pickups are spending an average of just 18 days on dealer lots, and are turning more than four-times faster than the overall full-size pickup segment. In order to keep up, the automaker has announced that its Kansas City Assembly Plant is joining forces with the Dearborn, MI plant and has begun 2015 Ford F-150 production.

“The all-new F-150 has surpassed our expectations – setting new standards for full-size truck capability, technology and efficiency,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president, The Americas, in a statement. “With production starting at Kansas City Assembly, we are better poised to start meeting growing customer demand for our pickup.”

The KC Assembly Plant has been building F-150s for decades, but just recently underwent the $1.1 billion renovation required to accommodate the pickup’s new aluminum construction. The upgrades, along with 900 new jobs, will allow a total output of 700,000 trucks per year (when combined with the output of the Dearborn plant).

The KC Assembly Plant is now equipped to build all 2015 F-150 models and cab configurations, including models with an eight-foot cargo box and heavy payload package to support commercial fleet customers.

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