Get Outdoors in Downers Grove!

Downers Grove Outdoor Locations | Packey Webb Ford

Downers Grove offers a variety of inviting locales for outdoor recreation enthusiasts and nature lovers. Here are four spots we love here at Packey Webb Ford.

McCollum Park

McCollum Park is the largest metro park in Downers Grove. Outfitted for all recreational needs, it offers baseball and soccer fields, numerous lighted tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, and an 18-hole miniature golf course. A 1.2-mile track surrounds the entire space.

The Morton Arboretum

The Morton Arboretum is a lovely, cultivated spot where visitors can peruse tree collections and gardens. Stroll from one to the next and experience themes in color, fragrance, and education.

Hidden Lake Forest Preserve

Visitors wishing to relax on the waters while listening to the local birds are sure to be satisfied at Hidden Lake Forest Preserve. Featuring two lakes and a river, this 390-acre gem is a perfect spot for fishing or boating.

Greene Valley Nature Preserve

Greene Valley Nature Preserve is a 1,388-acre wonder for those looking to hike the trails. Open to hikers, bikers, and horseback riders, 12 miles of trails are available here. Don’t miss the 190-foot overlook to get a good view of the oak woodlands and the Chicago skyline. You might even spot a Great Horned Owl.

Find the perfect vehicle for your next outdoor adventure here at Packey Webb Ford!

All-new Ford F-600 Leads Commercial Lineup

This year, Ford’s commercial lineup is in line for some significant updates — with the all-new Ford F-600 leading the way. The F-600 will be joined by updated Super Duty chassis cabs, F-650 and F-750 trucks, and others.

To help set Ford’s commercial lineup apart from the competition, advanced features like driver-assist technologies will be available on all commercial vehicles. All new commercial vehicles will come standard with factory-installed modems with 4G LTE Wi-Fi® capabilities that will allow up to 10 devices to connect at once. This will make these trucks even more ready for the work site.

The redesigned F-600 Super Duty will have the capabilities of a Class 6 truck, including a maximum GVWR of 22,000 pounds, but will come in a Class 5 Duty package. This combination of ideal size and strong capabilities means customers will no longer have to choose between the two.

“The updates we’re announcing … were driven by our customers’ focus on improving safety, reducing cost, and increasing uptime and productivity,” said Mark Buzzell, Ford’s director fleet, lease, and remarketing operations. “Giving our customers the freshest lineup plus driver-assist technologies and connectivity is a great example of Ford delivering smart vehicles for a smart world.”

all-new Ford F-600 - Downers Grove, IL

Look for the new F-600 and other updated commercial models to hit Ford dealerships sometime in 2020.

Introducing the New 2019 Ford Ranger

It’s been a while since Ford has offered a mid-size pickup truck in the states. However, this segment is getting an exciting new option with the return of the Ford Ranger — which you can test-drive now at Packey Webb Ford.

The 2019 Ford Ranger boasts a rugged design that is similar to the third-generation Ranger T6, a mid-size truck that is sold all over the world. The new Ford Ranger features a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder that is exclusive to this new US model. This engine is paired with the same 10-speed automatic transmission used in the Ford F-150. This powertrain sets the 2019 Ford Ranger apart from the Ranger T6, as does a special suspension tuning and bold steel front bumpers on every trim.

The performance and design decisions for the new 2019 Ford Ranger were made with the adventurous customer in mind. While mid-size models are often used as work trucks in the rest of the world, Ford anticipates that the U.S. market will continue to choose the full-size Ford F-series as the workhorse. As such, the Ford Ranger is being designed as capable, adventure-ready truck to be enjoyed off the clock. Still, with a maximum payload of 1,860 pounds and a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds, the new 2019 Ford Ranger is ready for both work and play.

2019 Ford Ranger - Downers Grove, IL

Preventing Spin-Out Crashes

No matter how many years you’ve been a driver, it’s always beneficial to read up on ways to improve your habits, especially for emergency situations. Take, for instance, a potential spin-out crash, which could occur if you’ve jerked the wheel to avoid a collision. Prepared with the tips below, you might be able to avoid or mitigate these crashes, saving yourself and others from harm.

Stay Calm

It’s difficult to do, but staying calm is one of the most important things to do when you’ve lost control of your vehicle. Overcorrecting is a common mistake that can lead to spinning out. Try to think fast but react with calm, subtle movements that will return your vehicle to its proper place.

Take a Class

If you really want to be confident in your ability to handle a potential spin-out, it might be worthwhile to take a skid control class, which will help you get a feel for spin-out conditions while in the safety of a controlled environment.

Let Off the Gas

Whenever your car is out of control, you should immediately take your foot off the gas.

Fix Your Eyes on the Target

If you’re trying to regain control over your vehicle, it can help to set your sight on the target, like the road or a clear path, rather than look at the other vehicle or obstacle you hope to avoid. 

spin-out crashes - Downers Grove, IL

How to Prep Your Ford for a New Year

Car Service

Each year presents a new journey in your life, so it is best to give your road companion the proper car care it demands to perform at its highest level year-round. Here are some tips to prep your Ford for a new year.


Upgrade with Accessories

You often hear, “New year, new you.” Your Ford car, truck, or SUV can feel new, too, when you upgrade and personalize your vehicle with add-ons. Ford offers all kinds of Ford accessories ― from roof racks to interior accents to technology features. Find the Ford auto parts for your car that will align with your 2019 goals.   


Make Resolutions for Your Ford

As you set objectives for 2019, you can make goals related to your Ford. Whether you are accelerating less to maximize fuel efficiency or paying closer attention to your miles for proper timely car care, there are several resolutions you can make to benefit your car, truck, or SUV.


Get Your Ford Serviced

Your Ford vehicle needs regular service in order to stay in excellent condition. Start 2019 by getting your Ford car checked by Packey Webb Ford to ensure that all parts are in good shape and that everything is running as normal. Get an oil change and a tire rotation, and vow to stick to the recommended service schedule for your Ford to keep it in fantastic form.


No scheduled appointment is necessary when you use our Express Service Lane. Visit Packey Webb Ford for your next routine service check.

Choosing the Right Battery for Your Ford

Ford Car Battery

Winter is officially here, which means we’re ready for some cold conditions here in Illinois. Especially frigid conditions are notorious for killing car batteries, so if you know that your Ford’s is getting on in years it might be a good time to replace it before your car won’t start. To make sure you choose the right battery, consider these factors and consult your Ford owner’s manual.

  • Group Size: Instead of having you take out a tape measure to determine the size of your specific unit, batteries are sorted into size groups. Your Ford can probably accommodate several different sizes of battery, so take a look at your owner’s manual to know what you need to shop for.
  • Reserve Capacity: If you use equipment connected to your car with the engine off, the RC number will be important for your Ford. The number indicates how long (in minutes) a certain battery can operate before it dies. Generally, the higher RC number a new battery has, the better.
  • Cold Cranking Amps: The CCA of a battery is a way to measure its performance and refers to how it supplies the power required for 30 seconds at zero degrees Fahrenheit. While higher numbers mean better performance, your new battery’s CCA needs to match either the original battery or the number in the owner’s manual. Talk to a Ford service expert if you’re considering a different CCA to see how it will affect your vehicle.

If you’re ready for a new battery, the team at Packey Webb Ford can help you find the perfect match. Contact our service department today for more information.

Tips for Transporting Food during the Holidays

If you’re planning to bring your famous green bean casserole to your family’s next holiday party, you want to be sure it will make it there in one piece. These tips for transporting food will help you get all of your dishes to their destinations safely.

Tips for Transporting Food

Cardboard boxes

A cardboard box is one of the best tools for transporting food in the car. They provide a safe, sturdy container that will keep dishes from sliding around the backseat or trunk.

Towels for warmth

Hot dishes can be kept at the right temperature when they’re wrapped in towels. Once you’ve wrapped the dish in towels or old (clean) rags, place it in a cardboard box for extra warmth and security.

Innovative insulation

If you find yourself frequently bringing food to holiday parties each year, it might be worth investing in an insulation pack. These are perfect for keeping dishes at their appropriate temperatures, whether they are hot or cold.

Pie lids

To transport a pie safely, you’ll need to cover it completely. For most pies, you can use an extra pie tin as a lid. Cover the pie with the additional tin and wrap the entire thing in foil. Place in a box surrounded by newspaper or towels to keep it from moving around while driving.

With these tips from our team at Packey Webb Ford, you’ll definitely be able to protect the backseat or trunk of your vehicle from becoming a pie filled mess this holiday season.

Watch Out for Shady Bait-And-Switch Sales Tactics

Unfortunately, several car dealerships in the area have increasingly been employing bait-and-switch sales tactics to rip off unsuspecting buyers. Packey Webb Ford fights against these tactics with transparent and fair pricing.

Here’s what some bait-and-switch tactics look like:

  • Low prices for one VIN: If there is a low price that is too good to be true, it probably is. Many dealers offer unrealistic low quotes for a specific vehicle — but it is for that very specific vehicle (meaning that one VIN). Once that single vehicle is sold, the dealership does not offer that low price, but it already motivates buyers to walk into the store.
  • Discounts galore: Some low prices advertised are the result of the dealer applying every discount and rebate possible to the price. But no one realistically qualifies for all those discounts. But people see the low price, go into the dealership, and don’t find out until hours into the process, in the finance chair.
  • Buried prices: Some dealers bury prices, like freight charges, or dealer-installed options, like floor mats. They lure you with the lower advertised price, then tack on thousands of extra dollars.

You won't find bait-and-switch sales tactics at Packey Webb FordPackey Webb Ford encourages you to leave those dealerships if you suspect bait-and-switch sales tactics. We will honor the final quote you get from them and try to get it even lower. That way, you still get your new vehicle as affordably as possible but don’t reward slimy sales tactics.

Things to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List


Fall is finally here, which means it’s time to enjoy the crisp weather, falling leaves, and overall cheerful atmosphere. As the leaves begin to change this year, make sure you don’t forget to include these fun, family-friendly activities on your fall bucket list.

Go explore a corn maze. Throughout Illinois, there are an array of corn mazes you can head to for an afternoon of fun. Better yet, many of these corn mazes also have pumpkin patches, giving you the chance to enjoy a true autumnal experience.

Make your own fall decorations. Go all out decorating your house this year in an array of orange, yellow, and red. Instead of purchasing your decorations, though, consider making them yourself. For instance, you can make paper pumpkins with your kids to hang up in your window, or a creepy jack-o-lantern for Halloween. The options are endless!

Enjoy some apple picking. Fall is the perfect time to harvest some apples, so why not head out to your local orchard and give apple picking a go? The experience is one your family is sure not to forget — and you get plenty of delicious, fresh apples out of the adventure, too. Many orchards even have homemade cider to enjoy and hayrides to explore the local area.

To make sure your car is up to the demands of fall weather, schedule a maintenance check at Packey Webb Ford.

How to Keep Your Car Running Longer

Tips For Keeping Your Car Longer


No matter if you buy new or used, a car is an expensive purchase. That makes it crucial for you to prioritize your vehicle’s longevity on the road. Here are a few tips to keep your car running longer:

  • Keep up with routine maintenance: This is the single biggest factor to ensure your car performs safely for years to come. Bring your vehicle to Packey Webb Ford for every oil change and tire rotation, and we’ll do thorough inspections of your vehicle and follow along with its maintenance schedule.
  • Pay attention to your dashboard: Your dashboard is full of indicator lights that let you know of potential vehicle health problems. If a light comes on, don’t ignore it. Look it up in your owner’s manual and, if necessary, bring the vehicle to Packey Webb Ford for repair.
  • Drive safely: By following the speed limit and obeying all traffic laws, you’ll reduce your chance of an accident. Driving faster and harder is also rougher on your vehicle components and can lead to issues faster.
  • Drive less: Another way to keep your vehicle around for years to come is to rely on it less. When possible, carpool with friends, family, and coworkers; ride your bike or walk; or rely on public transportation.

To keep your car running well as long as possible, turn to Packey Webb Ford for all your car maintenance needs.

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